Tylenol Deemed Safe When Taken Properly

Tylenol Deemed Safe When Taken Properly

Oct. 8, 2001 — Several warnings have come out recently almost the popular torment reliever acetaminophen, Tylenol being the best known brand. But a new study shows that in spite of the fact that we still ought to exercise caution when taking this and any other medicate, acetaminophen does appear to be very safe even in individuals who are most at hazard of having problems.

Acetaminophen has been used for many years and is generally thought to be a secure over-the-counter medicine. But when taken at high measurements, acetaminophen can cause problems, particularly for people at tall risk of having liver damage such as long-term drunkards.

So analysts at the Rocky Mountain Harm and Sedate Center in Denver needed to decide if acetaminophen, when given at the most extreme recommended day by day dose to long-time alcoholics, would lead to any further liver problems. Hypothetically, on the off chance that this measurements were secure in heavy drinkers, then it may well be assumed to be at least as safe, or indeed more so, in those without liver damage.

The analysts gave either acetaminophen or fake treatment to 200 long-term drunkards who currently were not drinking liquor. The acetaminophen was given at a dose of 1,000 milligrams — rise to to two extra-strength Tylenol — four times a day for two consecutive days.

Ponder creator Edwin K. Kuffner, MD, and colleagues found that those taking acetaminophen endured no more liver harm than those taking fake treatment. Their ponder is distributed in the Oct. 8 issue of the Chronicles of Internal Medicine.

It is vital to repeat that this measurements is inside the prescribed measurements on the bottle and was as it were given for two days. This study isn’t able to tell us in the event that taking this much acetaminophen would lead to problems if it were taken for longer than this.



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