Lipitor Bottles Recalled Due to Unusual Odor

Lipitor Bottles Recalled Due to Unusual Odor

Oct. 8, 2010 — The medicate company Pfizer is reviewing 191,000 bottles of Lipitor, the cholesterol-lowering statin drug, due to complaints of an abnormal odor.

In a statement emailed to WebMD, Pfizer representative Rick Chambers writes that there have been “a little number” of reports of the “unique odor related to the bottles in which the item is bundled.” Pfizer and the bottle provider are examining the source of the smell.

Wellbeing problems related to the smell aren’t likely, concurring to Chambers.

“A restorative chance assessment based on all the information we have has decided that the odor issue is not likely to cause adverse health consequences for patients,” Chambers states.

The review incorporates the following five parts of Lipitor bottles within the U.S.:

0855020 0819020 0842020 0843020 0854020

Each bottle contains 90 Lipitor tablets in a 40-milligram dosage. All of those parcels have an termination date of 01/13, agreeing to the FDA.

Two other parts of Lipitor bottles are being recalled in Canada.

Pfizer got three reports of the scent in July and the review started in August. The recall take note was posted on the FDA’s web location recently.

The review isn’t expected to trigger any Lipitor deficiencies, Chambers says.


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