How to Help a Woman’s Body Image

How to Help a Woman’s Body Image

May 26, 2005 — Modern research shows a speedy, easy way to boost a woman’s body image. The procedure is free and accessible to anybody — no progressed degrees or complex instructions are required.

A single compliment almost a woman’s character or looks can do the trick, says Courtney Fea, MS, of Kansas State University.

“Basically giving somebody one compliment is enough to make them feel way better almost themselves,” Fea tells WebMD. Fea is presenting her findings in Los Angeles at the American Mental Society’s 17th Annual Convention.

Laud Project

Fea and colleagues studied 185 female college students at Kansas State University. The ladies were told that the consider was almost identity and appearance.

Each student was taken alone into a room where a female “evaluator” imagined to scrutinize the student’s looks at length. The “assessment” was a pretense, but the students didn’t know it.

A short time later, the “evaluator” asked the understudy almost personal interface, such as favorite books and leisure activities. Following, the “evaluator” gave the understudy a compliment. The compliments were scripted, but the students didn’t know it.

One compliment was unbiased: “Thank you for partaking in this think about.” Another tended to character: “You sound like a decent individual.” The third compliment focused on appearance: “You’re a nice-looking person.”

In conclusion, each student went to another room to fill out questionnaires almost mood and body picture. The study’s true reason was revealed some time recently the students left.

The Power of a Single Compliment

The studies showed that some women tended to characterize themselves more by their character and inner qualities, while others dwelled more on their appearance or particular body parts (like their hips or legs), says Fea.

The bunch was pretty equitably split between ladies who centered more on their character and those who described themselves by their looks. The appearance-oriented ladies got a boost from their compliment, Fea tells WebMD.

Which Compliments Work Best?

It didn’t matter in the event that the compliment addressed a woman’s character or her appearance; both types did an equally good work. “In this ponder, it didn’t matter what sort of compliment you gave,” says Fea.

The commend wasn’t elegant or dramatic. “The compliments were so gentle,” says Fea. It wasn’t, “You are a nice person,” but “you sound like a nice individual,” she notes.

Many women feel anxiety, disgrace, or disappointment approximately their bodies since they feel they don’t degree up to cultural beliefs or media part models. A straightforward compliment may offer assistance counterbalanced those sentiments, says Fea.

Well-Chosen Words

Giving compliments is “likely a ability” that people can create, says Fea. Afraid of seeming improper? Compliment a woman’s character rather than her looks, she suggests.

Fea hopes to do more experiments on the topic, including whether multiple compliments are indeed more supportive and how long a compliment’s effects endures. Meanwhile, she says the impact of a few words of laud was “much more than what we would anticipate for one compliment.”

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