FDA OKs New Once-Daily Asthma Treatment

FDA OKs New Once-Daily Asthma Treatment

Aug. 21, 2014 — The FDA has affirmed Arnuity Ellipta (fluticasone furoate inhalation powder), an breathed in steroid taken once a day to prevent asthma indications in individuals 12 and older, drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline says.

Arnuity Ellipta has been tried in more than 3,600 individuals with asthma, the company says in a articulation. The foremost common side effects (detailed in at slightest 5% of individuals) were upper respiratory tract infection, common cold, cerebral pain, and bronchitis.

Arnuity Ellipta helps avoid an asthma assault but doesn’t treat it once it happens, so you still require your protect inhaler.

Arnuity Ellipta should not be utilized if you have a serious milk hypersensitivity.

Side effects are comparable to those of other breathed in steroids. For example, some people who take Arnuity Ellipta may create a yeast disease in their mouth.

Near checking for glaucoma and cataracts is additionally needed, the company says.

GlaxoSmithKline says more information, counting a persistent data leaflet, will be available before long on its web location.

With detailing by Megan Brooks, Medscape Medical News



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