Cuomo, in Writing, Reinterprets Fund-Raising Ban on Appointees

Cuomo, in Writing, Reinterprets Fund-Raising Ban on Appointees

After seven years as governor of New York, Andrew M. Cuomo has rewritten the disclaimer language on his campaign website that describes which of his appointees are banned from donating to his campaign, potentially opening the door for more appointees to contribute.

The new language follows a report by The New York Times last month that showed Mr. Cuomo had raised about $890,000 from his appointees to more than a dozen state boards and commissions. These contributions came despite an executive order Mr. Cuomo signed on his first day in office that was designed to block donations by most appointees.

In response to the story, Mr. Cuomo’s office offered two interpretations of the directive that significantly narrowed the number of appointees who would be barred from donating. The governor’s office first said that it applied only to board members who could be fired by the governor. The administration later added that, in order to come under the ban, individuals also had to hold positions that required them to file financial disclosure reports.

Neither of those caveats appeared on Mr. Cuomo’s own website — until recently.

“The campaign clarified the language on its contribution page to avoid any confusion,” said Gita Tiku, Mr. Cuomo’s campaign finance director.

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