Review: ‘grown-ish’ Comes Into Its Own-ish

Review: ‘grown-ish’ Comes Into Its Own-ish

The challenge of going off to college is leaving the nest without coming unmoored. This is also the challenge of spinning off a college sitcom.

“grown-ish,” the “black-ish” progeny that airs Wednesdays on Freeform, kicked off its pilot with Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi) talking her dad, Andre (Anthony Anderson), through his separation anxiety. (“It hurts so bad!” he cries. What hurts?, she asks. “My soooooul!”)

Viewers of “black-ish” had seen that comic opera play out for a year, as Andre planned to send his first (and let’s be honest, favorite) child away. Reprising it here was an assurance. “grown-ish” would be different, but also the same; it would take some getting used to, but everything would be fine.

In its early episodes, “grown-ish” is enough like “black-ish” in tone and style to please old fans, but not yet as different as it will need to be in the long run.

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